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Anais Beard

Anaïs Beard, French creator of contemporary jewelry, created the brand 'Caps & co' in 2011, after 5 years of jewelry studies in France and Spain.




"Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed"


Lavoisier's famous quote inspired this young designer with a fertile imagination and a selective eye. Then she collects and hoards all the little things she dips on the beach or abandoned randomly in sidewalks and paths, and which tiny treasures, ornaments, and jewelry.

And behind the apparent futility of the accessory, the designer also develops a concept of "soft revolution", recycled materials, interchangeable rings, barter; A value that will be concretized by triturating beer capsules. Capsules which she hammers separates and transforms with blows of clamps and hammer, with blows of colors and varnishes. And succeed to mix perfectly with the nobility of silver or gold. Her concept Caps&co is born from this delicate association.

We can also find in his very different collections; coffee beans, red and black exotic seeds, crab's pincer, abandoned shells, or jewelry with crystallized agates, Amethysts, and other precious stones.

She molds shells, urchin skeletons that she melts in wax and then in silver or brass. And the accessories reveal the slightest detail of a Robinson Crusoe's exotism ecologic and chic.



Création de bijoux Anais Beard, made in France French jewels

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